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Fish Tank Head Board and Feng Shui

Posted on 13 February, 2013 at 11:09 Comments comments (9336)
Head of the Bed: The Feng Shui Choice
A young couple seeking feng shui guidance on buying a bed to start their life together asked about having a fish tank head board. They loved the thought of having fish and water moving all around them during the night. They wanted to know if a fish tank head board was good feng shui?
Having a new bed is a great way to start a new relationship. Having the correct bed and headboard is an important choice for the couple as it’s the foundation for the relationship. The head board provides energetic backing and protection during the night supporting both the relationship and life choices. Following the guidelines of feng shui, there are a few issues with having a head board where the dominant element is water, as in the fish tank head board the couple was inquiring about.
The true intent for a bedroom is having a place for sleep, rest and romance. The couple should seek the type of head board that grounds and supports them as individuals and a couple. An “active” head board is the opposite type of energy needed to solidify the relationship. The issue of sleep is also a concern with a “moving” head board.  One might wake feeling unbalanced or complain of “sea legs.”  Consider the fish tank head board as “sleeping with the fishes,” which is a negative idiom used in the English language.  Another reason to keep water elements out of the bedroom is that water is the element of emotion-or tears. Happy tears, or sad tears, strong emotions do not belong in the bedroom. Another concern with the water dominant head board might be the feeling of having to get up through the night to use the bathroom! This couple should consider a wood or upholstered head board to give the protection and support needed while sleeping, resting and romancing.
The best feng shui advice is to stick to basics.  Purchase a strong, firm head of the bed and enjoy the benefits of a positive secure relationship. Namaste!

Feng Shui: Does My Engagement Ring Have Bad Karma?

Posted on 22 August, 2012 at 17:09 Comments comments (2)
I recently had a question from a newly divorced client who wanted to offer her engagement ring to her son to give to a future daughter-in-law that she "really liked," but wondered if the ring has "bad karma." Karma can mean good or bad luck,vibes, destiny, fate or chance. In Feng Shui, we say the ring has predecessor chi-or lingering energy. Lingering energy can also be positive or negative. In this situation the energy is harmful to the couple because of the previous failed marriage. In the best interest of the couple, the safest solution would be to trade the ring in for a new engagement ring, a diamond ring chosen by the couple, free of any karma or energy, to  begin their future together. Namaste!

Desk Placement:Office Feng Shui

Posted on 8 August, 2012 at 16:46 Comments comments (130)
                                  Place Your Desk For Success: Feng Shu Services of New England
Laura sent this photo asking if her desk placement was “good Feng Shui.” It was clear from the photo that her desk placement is limiting her career and harming her health. Why? For three reasons; the desk is facing the wall causing her opportunities to be limited and unhealthy because the location next to the door allows for chi to  energetically “graze” her each time the door is opened. In addition, she is in a defensive position- as she cannot see the door without turning her head.
Desk placement is important in Feng Shui. You want to place your desk in the command position. The best position for a desk is with a wall behind you for support, and a clear view of the door with a “wide” view in front of the desk.
If Laura cannot change the placement of the desk she can use Feng Shui cures to protect herself. First she can position a mirror on her desk to see who is entering the office without turning her head. She can place a photo with depth in front of her to remind her she is not limited by her view. Lastly, she can set a crystal between her and the door to change the direction of the energy coming towards her when the door is opened. All of these "cures" will help open her possibilities and opportunities and keep her protected from harmful chi.
How else could Laura be helped using Feng Shui? Take a good look at the photo and send your questions and comments.
Crystals are a great option to redirect chi. Crystals can be use almost any place in the home or office. To purchase crystals check out Feng Shui Emporium. Click Here

Fireplaces in center of home: I have a fireplace in my health area!

Posted on 25 April, 2012 at 9:46 Comments comments (3)
At a recent event where I spoke about Holistic Health and Feng Shui, I had a great feng shui question about fireplaces located in the center of a home; or in the health gua when considering the bagua. Here is the question and answer...
Question: I am purchasing a home that has a fireplace in the center of the home. How can I feng shui to keep us healthy?
Answer: Fire is a very strong energy and in some places is good feng shui. However, a fireplace in the center of your home could "heat up" health issues. The goal is to neutralize the energy by adding a water element such as a picture or artwork with a water theme or a large mirror over the fireplace.  Crystal vases with healthy fresh flowers on the mantle or a bowl with 5 round multifaceted crystals will also neutralize the powerful fire energy; again the intent is that water (energy) puts out fire (energy). When not using the fireplace-place a beautiful screen in front of it. You can purchase the crystals at Feng Shui Emporium-I have a link on my website Feng Shui Services of New England.