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Feng Shui Quiz

Posted on 19 September, 2012 at 16:42 Comments comments (1)
These are photos of two apartment buildings sitting across the street from each other-taken on our recent trip to Switzerland. They are "sending" different energetic messages. Using the principles of Feng Shui one of these has Sheng Chi (positive) and one has Sha Chi (harmful). Can you choose which apartment building is Sheng Chi? I will give the answer next week! 
Photo #1                              Photo # 2

9 Tips for Stress Free Living Using Feng Shui

Posted on 5 September, 2012 at 16:13 Comments comments (6)
The Feng Shui Approach to Reducing Stress
How can Feng Shui help to make your home stress free?
Feng shui is a Chinese science and art that has been practiced for more than 4,000 years. Feng shui literally means wind and water.  Wind and water is energy that circulates in the environment. The primary goal of Feng Shui is to surround ourselves with thegood healthy energy.
The power behind Feng Shui is chi. Chi is the energy that fills our homes. Everything in our homeis connected by chi. Chi that is blocked, stuck, stagnant, unbalanced, slow, or quick can harm our physical and mental well-being. In Feng Shui this is called harmful chi.  What is one cause harmful chi? The answer is CLUTTER! Clutter suffocates the flow of chi. Clutter can also cause us to feel depressed,anxious, angry, frustrated and stressed. No one can relax in a cluttered space.
Here is a list of 9 ways to simplify your life and reducestress: 
9. Remove items in your home that are broken, unwanted, or unused. Start with the “big” stuff like furniture, as you will feel the energy in the space change immediately.
8. Determine if you LOVE everything in your home. Keep ONLY objects that make you happy in your space. Remove items that bring sad thoughts, bad feelings or unpleasant memories.
7. Decide if you NEED what in your home. If you have not used or worn an item in over a year-maybe someone else can enjoy it; donate,sell or give the item away.
6. Refuse to hold items for friends and family. This notonly adding other people’s energy to your environment which may not be positive; such as a couple going through a divorce or an illness, but taking upspace in your home and causing clutter.
5. Limit your furniture to only what you need. Removing these pieces will make a room feel and look lighter. Careful of furniture givento you-or bought at a yard sale as it may be holding negative chi.
4. Clean your closets and remove hidden and forgotten items. Closing the door does not solve the problem. Issues that you may not even beaware of may be uncovered-and can be handled.
3. Group your photos in three. Leave room for more new friends on the shelves. Show only photos of happy people or places you havebeen with good memories.
2. Organize your bookshelves and remove books and items thatyou do not love or use. Book on the shelf are energetically “talking” to you. Theymay be keeping you from focusing with all the chatter.
1. Call in a professional certified Feng Shui consultant thatwill work with you on creating a space that is free from energetic and tangiblestressors connected to your home. Create a space that both you and your family willwant to spend time in relaxing and enjoying life!  
Julie Pelletier-Rutkowski, MS, RN
Certified Feng Shui Consultant
Feng Shui Services of New England

Feng Shui: Does My Engagement Ring Have Bad Karma?

Posted on 22 August, 2012 at 17:09 Comments comments (2)
I recently had a question from a newly divorced client who wanted to offer her engagement ring to her son to give to a future daughter-in-law that she "really liked," but wondered if the ring has "bad karma." Karma can mean good or bad luck,vibes, destiny, fate or chance. In Feng Shui, we say the ring has predecessor chi-or lingering energy. Lingering energy can also be positive or negative. In this situation the energy is harmful to the couple because of the previous failed marriage. In the best interest of the couple, the safest solution would be to trade the ring in for a new engagement ring, a diamond ring chosen by the couple, free of any karma or energy, to  begin their future together. Namaste!

Desk Placement:Office Feng Shui

Posted on 8 August, 2012 at 16:46 Comments comments (130)
                                  Place Your Desk For Success: Feng Shu Services of New England
Laura sent this photo asking if her desk placement was “good Feng Shui.” It was clear from the photo that her desk placement is limiting her career and harming her health. Why? For three reasons; the desk is facing the wall causing her opportunities to be limited and unhealthy because the location next to the door allows for chi to  energetically “graze” her each time the door is opened. In addition, she is in a defensive position- as she cannot see the door without turning her head.
Desk placement is important in Feng Shui. You want to place your desk in the command position. The best position for a desk is with a wall behind you for support, and a clear view of the door with a “wide” view in front of the desk.
If Laura cannot change the placement of the desk she can use Feng Shui cures to protect herself. First she can position a mirror on her desk to see who is entering the office without turning her head. She can place a photo with depth in front of her to remind her she is not limited by her view. Lastly, she can set a crystal between her and the door to change the direction of the energy coming towards her when the door is opened. All of these "cures" will help open her possibilities and opportunities and keep her protected from harmful chi.
How else could Laura be helped using Feng Shui? Take a good look at the photo and send your questions and comments.
Crystals are a great option to redirect chi. Crystals can be use almost any place in the home or office. To purchase crystals check out Feng Shui Emporium. Click Here

Classroom Feng Shui:Create A Learning Environment

Posted on 2 August, 2012 at 13:27 Comments comments (0)
Feng Shui in the Classroom/Feng Shui Services of New England
A classroom that is not energized by the flow of good chi is subject to calamity. Why is it improtant to have good chi flow in the classroom?
Good chi is a feeling you have when you walk into a space.  While a space can look good, good chi will make a space feel good. A classroom that looks and feels good will encourge learning.
It is most important to have a classroom that looks and feels good to both the teacher and the student. Teachers are often required to fill all the walls in a classrooms with bulletin board and artwork; some call this visual clutter and can cause a student to be distracted and unfocused. It is advisable to have a classroom that free of all types of clutter.
Colors are important too. Color can be too stimulating or too boring. Classrooms with loud color such as fuchsia and turquois in the same space does not provide a tranquil learning environment. (I actually saw this combination in an urban classroom!) An all white classroom feel rigid and cold. 
Karyn called when she realized there was something wrong with a classroom shared by teachers and students in a health program.  She stated that teachers and students felt anxious in the classroom. She asked if the energy could be changed in the classroom. Her intention was to have a space that “soothed the students and teachers.”
A visit to the classroom for a chi (energy) flow evaluation revealed three main issues that needed to be addressed.
Feng Shui issue #1:
The hallway used by the students shared the space with the industrial boiler. Before the students entered the classroom they were all “heated up” and carried this into the classroom. WOW!! You could feel the heat going down the hallway. The goal was to “cool down” the hallway, thus soothing the students chi.
Feng Shui issue #2:
The teacher’s desk in the classroom was in the least commanding position; meaning she could not see the door and who was entering. She was in a defensive position and a reason the teachers felt anxious in the room. The students had a clear view of the door, thus a better position than the teacher. The goal was to redesign the classroom and give the teacher “command” thus control of the room.
Feng Shui issue #3
The classroom was located next to the back door where students exited the building, The harmful chi from the hallway, carried into the classroom,then out the back door had the potential of creating a situation where” heated”students became ripe for criticizing and protesting.
The chi flow issues were “cured” simply. The hallway was painted a cool blue. The classroom desks were moved giving the teacher a full view of the doorway. A large plant was placed next to the back door creating an energetic barrier to leaving out this door. Studdents were redirected to the front door, and by going back down the blue hallway-"cooled" them along the way.
Do you want to improve your classroom environment through Feng Shui? Contact Feng Shui Services of New England for a complete review of your space-remotely or in-person. You will feel the difference!
Julie Pelletier-Rutkowski, MS, RN
Certified FengShui Consultant
Feng Shui Services of New England

Mindful Chi: Feng Shui

Posted on 18 July, 2012 at 12:53 Comments comments (0)
Advertsing Chi
WOW! Look at these blow-up advertising characters. A scorpion and gorilla are being used to attract attention to the products and services they are selling. I have driven by these for weeks and each time I thought-how can this be driving sales? What is the advertiser’s purpose? The scorpion, used to advertise off-road Scorpion Tires, sits on top of a blown-up tire at a VIP Discount Auto Center in Laconia, NH, tail up ready to attack.  The gorilla, stands outside an auto dealer in Tilton, NH,arms up ready to attack. Both are compelling and attract attention. But, I ask is this the attention they are seeking? From what it appears, neither of these creatures has a direct relationship to the product. I am deterred by the size and meaning of these potential harmful creatures. I would not consider stopping to by a tire or a car…only to take these photos-carefully!
The scorpion’s symbolizes protection from evil, passion, isolation-how does that relate to the tire? Will having a Scorpion Tire on my car protect me from the evils of a driving or parking ticket? Or cure the feeling of isolation for sitting at a red light trying not to text? Maybe it will improve passion….now that’s a thought? Regardless, I drive by quickly as not to be stung by the creature.Even the website for the tires does not explain the reason for naming the tires or using a scorpion in the advertising.
The gorilla, although it appears ferocious, it is asymbol of nobility, strength and wisdom. This creature shown in the photo does not show these characteristics. It gives the impression that buying buying a car at this location may be a brutal experience.
From a Feng Shui perspective, the scorpion can be “stinging”energy while to gorilla “ferocious” energy. This post is not about advertising, but the messages you are sending to others. Look around you…what are the inferences you are portraying? Is the energy you emit stinking or ferocious or is it warm and nurturing? This is called mindful chi. Mindful chi is being aware of the “vibes” you are sending to others. Here are some ideas to keep the energy around you constructive:
  1. Your thoughts moods and choices affect your inner self.
  2. Keep with the people who are positive.
  3. Change your environment if necessary.
  4. Past events and experiences affect us deeply. We choose to make these affect others.
  5. Your actions (behaviors) affect your chi and others around you.
  6. Participate in and donate to your community.
Let people you live, work and associate with be affected by your good “vibes.”
Advertise your good chi!

Broken:The Feng Shui Cure

Posted on 29 June, 2012 at 15:26 Comments comments (1)
Feng Shui: The Energy of Broken Items
After 4,000 years, Feng Shui methods are becoming more accepted in the West. People are finally realizing the benefits of having a space feel and look balanced, and in harmony with the environment.
In the world of Feng Shui this is called chi. Chi is the power behind Feng Shui.  Everything in our environment is connected by chi.  Chi can be positive or negative. Positive chi is safe and welcoming. Negative chi is energy that can be stuck, stagnant,unbalanced, or broken. Negative chi can harm our physical and mental well-being.The goal of Feng Shui is to surround oneself with positive energy and eliminate the negative, harmful energy from the environment.
Practicing good Feng Shui means everything should be helping you in some way. If an item is broken it is oppressive energy. The item is an energetic burden to you. A client with a broken bed was unable to find a partner to build a meaningful relationship with for a long time.  She reported having many dates and enjoyed many of the men she was spending time with-but not one of them ever wanted to get serious, take the relationship to the “next level.” In Feng Shui, if an item is broken, then the energy around the person is damaged. A broken item,such as a bed, must be repaired immediately. If you cannot repair the item,then replace it with a new, unused item. You will immediately feel the shift inenergy. She was soon searching for the perfect bed…only then would she find theperfect partner.
Look around you. What isbroken? Unused? Unwanted? Remove it from your space. Let only positive energy into your life. Positive energy, or as a a Feng Shui practitioner would call it, good Feng Shui, can improve all aspects of your life-family, home, health,relationships, prosperity, career. Give it a try! Namaste!!
Julie Pelletier-Rutkowski, MS,RN
Feng Shui Services of New England
Feng Shui Practitioner

Feng Shui Ideas to Sell Your Home:Feng Shui Services of New England

Posted on 23 May, 2012 at 16:47 Comments comments (2)
How would Feng Shui help this house sell?
I pass this beautiful home every day-twice a day while walking the dog. Simple Feng Shui adjustments will help sell this home that has been for sale for months. The issues revolve around the front door. One cannot see it clearly from the street. It is hidden from all prospective buyers. The front door is the most important areas of a home from the Feng Shui perspective. It is the place where energy enters to nourishes the home and the poeple who live in the there. Like a visitor, energy needs to be invited into the home. This home can be more inviting to chi. Here are few ideas to help this home:
1. Paint the door a beautiful red color. Bright enough you can see it from the street.
2. Light the way with solar lights from the street up the hill to the porch.
3. Place colorful plants on or near the stairs and porch.
4. Keep the porch lights on at all times.
5. Use a wind chime on the porch to "alert" prospective buyers.
Simple Feng Shui adjustment will help find this home find a buyer.
Check out more photos with Feng Shui adjustments  at
Julie Pelletier-Rutkowski, MS, RN
Certified Feng Shui Consultant

Using Cairns: A Natural Feng Shui Approach to Your Front Door

Posted on 17 May, 2012 at 11:52 Comments comments (2)
Feng Shui Front Door Cure
Cairns (pronounced CARN) are a pile of rocks purposefully created and placed to mark or lead the way. Usually found along hiking trails,they have a practical use as guides, or commemorate success when found on the top of a mountain. Many times you will see them placed at regular intervals; allowing one to see the distance from one cairn to the next cairn. (During one very windy, rainy, foggy afternoon hike through the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the cairns were life savers -leading us to the next hut!)
Cairns can be large or small. They can be in the shape of animals,such as turtles or ducks, or cone shaped. Many are artistically designed,engineering feats of balance with different size and shapes of rocks. They are always beautiful and natural. I have used cairns around my home since hiking the White Mountains in New Hampshire. They have always brought me a sense of peace and tranquility-guiding me to the next destination. It has always amazed me that even when the weather is stormy, the cairn does not move or change. The rocks stay in the exact same position unless I move or add rocks to the cairn. It is sturdy and holds up under the most difficult conditions. I love surrounding my home and yard with positive cairn energy.
How can you use a rock cairn around your home? You can use them to lead the approach along the driveway or pathway to your front door. Cairns can also be used as feng shui cures for L-shaped homes, garages located in front of the front door, or front doors that do not connect to the street-where the primary energy source is drawn from in feng shui. This cure is simple,natural and fun to create. They can be built anywhere using the resources from your yard-or your neighbor’s yard!
Invite positive energy and good friends to your home with cairns. And, when you see a cairn, add a rock, it's a the tradition! Or you can start your own cairn, and be a neighborhood trendsetter! Namaste!
Julie Pelletier-Rutkowski, MS, RN
Certified Feng Shui Consultant
Feng Shui Services of New England

Feng Shui and Front Door

Posted on 15 May, 2012 at 11:25 Comments comments (3)
NINE Front Door ways to create a fabulous front door:
Front Door Tips Opening the Door to New Opportunity
“I hate my front door!” was the declaration from a workshop participant when the topic of front doors came up. “I do not even use my front door!” This post is for all of you who do not use, or like, your front door.
The basis for Feng Shui is energy flow. Energy enters the home through the front door, the architectural front door-not the side or garage door used by most of us. The front door is called the “mouth or chi” or the entry point for energy. This flowing energy, or chi, nourishes and energizes whatever is in the pathway-people, plants, animals, furniture…you get the point.
Your front entrance creates a first impression for your home-and your life! It is the symbol for opportunities. To "Feng Shui" means leading energy to and opening the door for new opportunities!!  
You need energy to find your home first; that means creating a pathway from the street to your home and having a fabulous front door that can be seen from the street. You want to love, not hate, your front door. Hating your front door means not allowing energy to work for you-rejecting the opportunities coming your way.
Here is a list of the nine, count them, nine ways to create a fabulous front door:
9. Clear a clear path to your front door from the street by “leading” the energy to the front door.
8. Remove blocks such as trees, bushes, rocks to the door-do not want to “block opportunity.”
7. Have a working doorbell or knocker to be ready when “opportunity comes knocking!”
6. Paint the front door the color of good fortune-red!
5. Light the front door and area around the door-light the pathway for chi.
4. Fix the front door to be sure it opens fully, smoothly and quietly.
3. Use the front door daily-even just to get the mail!
2. Make the first visual impression important, such as fresh flowers, for “blooming” possibilities.
1. Call a Feng Shui consultant for more ideas on creating a fabulous front door!
When you are done, stand and look at the front door and look out the front door. This is what you’re conveying to the world. Is it fabulous? If is is-then you are fabulous too!
Julie Pelletier-Rutkowski, is the owner of Feng Shui Services of New England and consults throughout the New England area. She can be reached at