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Feng Shui and Front Door

Posted on 15 May, 2012 at 11:25
NINE Front Door ways to create a fabulous front door:
Front Door Tips Opening the Door to New Opportunity
“I hate my front door!” was the declaration from a workshop participant when the topic of front doors came up. “I do not even use my front door!” This post is for all of you who do not use, or like, your front door.
The basis for Feng Shui is energy flow. Energy enters the home through the front door, the architectural front door-not the side or garage door used by most of us. The front door is called the “mouth or chi” or the entry point for energy. This flowing energy, or chi, nourishes and energizes whatever is in the pathway-people, plants, animals, furniture…you get the point.
Your front entrance creates a first impression for your home-and your life! It is the symbol for opportunities. To "Feng Shui" means leading energy to and opening the door for new opportunities!!  
You need energy to find your home first; that means creating a pathway from the street to your home and having a fabulous front door that can be seen from the street. You want to love, not hate, your front door. Hating your front door means not allowing energy to work for you-rejecting the opportunities coming your way.
Here is a list of the nine, count them, nine ways to create a fabulous front door:
9. Clear a clear path to your front door from the street by “leading” the energy to the front door.
8. Remove blocks such as trees, bushes, rocks to the door-do not want to “block opportunity.”
7. Have a working doorbell or knocker to be ready when “opportunity comes knocking!”
6. Paint the front door the color of good fortune-red!
5. Light the front door and area around the door-light the pathway for chi.
4. Fix the front door to be sure it opens fully, smoothly and quietly.
3. Use the front door daily-even just to get the mail!
2. Make the first visual impression important, such as fresh flowers, for “blooming” possibilities.
1. Call a Feng Shui consultant for more ideas on creating a fabulous front door!
When you are done, stand and look at the front door and look out the front door. This is what you’re conveying to the world. Is it fabulous? If is is-then you are fabulous too!
Julie Pelletier-Rutkowski, is the owner of Feng Shui Services of New England and consults throughout the New England area. She can be reached at

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