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Mindful Chi: Feng Shui

Posted on 18 July, 2012 at 12:53
Advertsing Chi
WOW! Look at these blow-up advertising characters. A scorpion and gorilla are being used to attract attention to the products and services they are selling. I have driven by these for weeks and each time I thought-how can this be driving sales? What is the advertiser’s purpose? The scorpion, used to advertise off-road Scorpion Tires, sits on top of a blown-up tire at a VIP Discount Auto Center in Laconia, NH, tail up ready to attack.  The gorilla, stands outside an auto dealer in Tilton, NH,arms up ready to attack. Both are compelling and attract attention. But, I ask is this the attention they are seeking? From what it appears, neither of these creatures has a direct relationship to the product. I am deterred by the size and meaning of these potential harmful creatures. I would not consider stopping to by a tire or a car…only to take these photos-carefully!
The scorpion’s symbolizes protection from evil, passion, isolation-how does that relate to the tire? Will having a Scorpion Tire on my car protect me from the evils of a driving or parking ticket? Or cure the feeling of isolation for sitting at a red light trying not to text? Maybe it will improve passion….now that’s a thought? Regardless, I drive by quickly as not to be stung by the creature.Even the website for the tires does not explain the reason for naming the tires or using a scorpion in the advertising.
The gorilla, although it appears ferocious, it is asymbol of nobility, strength and wisdom. This creature shown in the photo does not show these characteristics. It gives the impression that buying buying a car at this location may be a brutal experience.
From a Feng Shui perspective, the scorpion can be “stinging”energy while to gorilla “ferocious” energy. This post is not about advertising, but the messages you are sending to others. Look around you…what are the inferences you are portraying? Is the energy you emit stinking or ferocious or is it warm and nurturing? This is called mindful chi. Mindful chi is being aware of the “vibes” you are sending to others. Here are some ideas to keep the energy around you constructive:
  1. Your thoughts moods and choices affect your inner self.
  2. Keep with the people who are positive.
  3. Change your environment if necessary.
  4. Past events and experiences affect us deeply. We choose to make these affect others.
  5. Your actions (behaviors) affect your chi and others around you.
  6. Participate in and donate to your community.
Let people you live, work and associate with be affected by your good “vibes.”
Advertise your good chi!

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