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Classroom Feng Shui:Create A Learning Environment

Posted on 2 August, 2012 at 13:27
Feng Shui in the Classroom/Feng Shui Services of New England
A classroom that is not energized by the flow of good chi is subject to calamity. Why is it improtant to have good chi flow in the classroom?
Good chi is a feeling you have when you walk into a space.  While a space can look good, good chi will make a space feel good. A classroom that looks and feels good will encourge learning.
It is most important to have a classroom that looks and feels good to both the teacher and the student. Teachers are often required to fill all the walls in a classrooms with bulletin board and artwork; some call this visual clutter and can cause a student to be distracted and unfocused. It is advisable to have a classroom that free of all types of clutter.
Colors are important too. Color can be too stimulating or too boring. Classrooms with loud color such as fuchsia and turquois in the same space does not provide a tranquil learning environment. (I actually saw this combination in an urban classroom!) An all white classroom feel rigid and cold. 
Karyn called when she realized there was something wrong with a classroom shared by teachers and students in a health program.  She stated that teachers and students felt anxious in the classroom. She asked if the energy could be changed in the classroom. Her intention was to have a space that “soothed the students and teachers.”
A visit to the classroom for a chi (energy) flow evaluation revealed three main issues that needed to be addressed.
Feng Shui issue #1:
The hallway used by the students shared the space with the industrial boiler. Before the students entered the classroom they were all “heated up” and carried this into the classroom. WOW!! You could feel the heat going down the hallway. The goal was to “cool down” the hallway, thus soothing the students chi.
Feng Shui issue #2:
The teacher’s desk in the classroom was in the least commanding position; meaning she could not see the door and who was entering. She was in a defensive position and a reason the teachers felt anxious in the room. The students had a clear view of the door, thus a better position than the teacher. The goal was to redesign the classroom and give the teacher “command” thus control of the room.
Feng Shui issue #3
The classroom was located next to the back door where students exited the building, The harmful chi from the hallway, carried into the classroom,then out the back door had the potential of creating a situation where” heated”students became ripe for criticizing and protesting.
The chi flow issues were “cured” simply. The hallway was painted a cool blue. The classroom desks were moved giving the teacher a full view of the doorway. A large plant was placed next to the back door creating an energetic barrier to leaving out this door. Studdents were redirected to the front door, and by going back down the blue hallway-"cooled" them along the way.
Do you want to improve your classroom environment through Feng Shui? Contact Feng Shui Services of New England for a complete review of your space-remotely or in-person. You will feel the difference!
Julie Pelletier-Rutkowski, MS, RN
Certified FengShui Consultant
Feng Shui Services of New England

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