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The Importance of a Red Tie in the Presidential Debate: FengShui Perspective

Posted on 19 October, 2012 at 15:03
The Importance of a Red Tie in the Presidential Debate: Feng Shui Perspective
Have you been watching the presidential debates? The “winner”of the debate can be determined before it starts if you consider the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui. Feng Shui teaches that we are surrounded by energy, or chi, inside and outside our bodies-and you are influenced by the energy that encircles you.
Practitioners of Feng Shui realize the positive influence of the color red. Red is the color of strength and bravery. Red symbolizes passion and power. Can a red tie be a significant factor in winning a debate? Well possibly…
In the recent debates, the person showing power and dominance has been wearing a red tie. In the first debate, Governor Romney wore a bright red shiny tie. He was energized; showing authority and control.  He was described by the press as “dominating” and“commanding the evening.” President Obama wore a dull blue tie. Well, we know the outcome of that debate!
In comparison to the second debate, the tie colors were reversed with Governor Romney wearing the blue tie and President Obama wearing red tie. It was clear from the start the President Obama was ready for a competition. It was reported in the press that he was “compassionate and convicted” throughout the debate. Governor Romney’s blue tie did not provide the red fire energy needed to combat his opponent.
The next, and final debate, is coming up. Who will wear the red tie? Or who may have the hidden advantage by wearing red undergarments!!

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