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Feng Shui and Money Luck/Seet he Results of the New Year Tradition

Posted on 4 January, 2013 at 11:00
This post is the results from the last blog posting about preparing your home for the new year. Enjoy! Send me your stories about how your money luck improved after participating in the New Year tradition to send money into the home at the start of the New Year!
It’s just got us all in awe today.
We prepared our red envelope last night and I printed out the Three Secret Reinforcements so we could do this today.  We woke up early before the kids got up, thought about the 9 ways we would go about making our goal of financial success happen and went outside before our neighbors were up. We through in the envelope from the front door and then entered with opened arms and chanting 9 times while we then recited our goals in our heads.  We then went about our business. I actually questioned the money we put in envelope.  My husband had received a 50 dollar bill as bonus and we had another significant 50 in our lives lately and I turned 50 this past year…so we added (6) 5’s and a 1 to make 81 which was the highest number you typed in your message.  So envelope contained only the 50, 5’s and (1) $1 bill.So our cleaners were the first people to ring the doorbell today and guess what they did?  They just freakin’ did this - I kid you not.  They handed us a $5 and a $1 bill and said they just found it under our mat!  Well, who knows how long it’s been there and what it’s for.  We take kids skating and cell cookies for girl scouts – could be anything someone owes one of the kids but that isn’t the point.  We just did this and first person to walk in hands us money and not just any money but a $5 and a $1. 
It really did blow our minds.  If I get a raise this week I am making an appointment with you soon!!!  Now my husband is convinced so its easier.  I just want to finish doing all you had suggested first so you can review and add more :). Hope you are well!  Take care and thank you! Cathy S.
Hi Julie, I want to let you know that my husband and I followed your directions in your recent email to set a good intention for the New Year and it worked! I got a new client this morning! Thank you, Elizabeth S.
JuliePelletier-Rutkowski, MS, RN  
Certified FengShui Consultant and Educator
Owner and Principal Consultant
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