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Children and Chi: Nine Tips for a Well Balanced Bedroom

Posted on 14 January, 2014 at 9:52

Feng Shui For Children|Bedroom Energy|Ghouls

Children are being bombarded and pressured from all directions.  Media, sports, school, electronic devices, video games are striving for children's attention. In Feng Shui this is called energy, or chi. Chi can be helpful or harmful.  

However, parents can change one place in the home that will make a difference and minimize outside pressure. Growing up we played games with “ghouls” (sometimes spelled gools or goules), usually a pole or tree identified as a safe place where you could not be tagged and/or eliminated from the game.  Parents can create a ghouls in the bedroom; a protected cherished place. This works with the intentions of Feng Shui that a bedroom for children should be place to rest and sleep and restore for the next day. 

Feng Shui is a powerful tool. Honey Lim, a certified Feng Shui consultant says that “Feng Shui is about creating harmonious energy in one’s surroundings in a way that benefit’s one’s life.” A child who has a safe place to sleep and rest is rejuvenated and relaxed for the next day and will perform better in school and life. You can help your child succeed with by using Feng Shui to create a bedroom that will support and nurture.  

Six year old  Robert would not sleep in his bed. He loved his room but would wake and join his parents in their bed. After a simple Feng Shui adjustment Robert slept through the night for the first time to the shock and disbelief of his parents. What was the problem? Roberts’s bed was located “outside” of the home. His room was located on the second floor of their raised ranch. His bed was against the outside wall with no support beneath him due to the overhanging second floor. His bed was moved to an inside wall closer to his parents. He was comfortable and comforted with this new bed location.  His Parents were amazed that a simple adjustment could make such an impact on Robert and the family.

Here are nine Feng Shui tips for the bedroom to create ghouls for a child:  

1. Supportive Bed and Bed Placement
Place an older child’s bed where they can see the door, but not in the way of the swing of the door. It should be in the middle of the wall. This placement put the child as ease as they are aware of everyone who enters the room. A young child should in a corner for support from the walls. Children who share a bedroom should have clearly defined sleeping areas, separate with screens or rugs. Beds with strong headboards and no foot boards (for older children) provide the most energetic support and allow for full growth and potential. Bunk beds and day beds are not good bed choices.        
2. Photos and Artwork
Every child should have a photo of the parents next to the bed.  If parents are divorced, then separate photos are appropriate. If the parents are not the primary caretakers, then the primary caretakers take prominence in this situation. It reminds the child who is heads of the household!   Artwork should be positive and reassuring. Create a “wall of fame” with drawings, crafts, awards, trophies and ribbons. Letters from friends, teachers and family can also be displayed.  
3. Pets Pets are Positive Energy.
Dogs and cats that are clean and healthy bring a sense of security to a child and should be allowed in the room. But pets such as snakes, birds, gerbils, lizards may create unwanted noise during the night or “slither” around the room.  
4. Colors
Colors for a young child should be bright stimulating. Once a child begins school, consider colors that are soothing and encourage sleep. Good picks are green that also promotes growth and blue that encourages a positive attitude and clear communication. White is always a good choice for purity, peace, and open possibilities, but must accent with a color. For a child with focusing problems consider grounding “earth” colors such as beige, brown, or tan.
5. Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)
There are many conflicting thoughts EMF and the link to childhood illness. However, to be safe, minimize the EMF in a child’s room. EMF is present when current flows to powered clocks, lights, electric blankets, electronic equipment, TV, waterbeds, baby monitors, and electric panels. Anywhere the electricity comes into the house. Be sure that all electric sources should be 30 inches from the child.
6. Mirrors/Plants The bedroom should be free of mirrors and plants. If the room is large, a full length mirrors can be placed so the child cannot see it from the bed. All mirrors should be full length, not cutting off any parts of the child. They should see themselves fully as they grow and change.  
7. Clutter/Toys/Books
Clutter produces stress and anxiety. Help your child do remove clutter  from the bedroom. Limit books and have a place for toys and items to be “put to sleep” at night. Clear old, tattered, unused items. Fix or discard broken items. Remove ANYTHING that feels negative. Clear and clean closets, bureau tops and draws. Place nothing behind bedroom door allowing it to open freely letting good energy to enter.      
8. Study Area
If the bedroom is also used as a study space, separate the space with a screen. Be sure lighting is adequate in both areas; have strong lighting in study area and subdued lighting in sleeping area. Place the desk so child can see the door, not against the wall.  
9. Consider a Feng Shui Consult!
Consider a Feng Shui evaluation of your child’s bedroom. Feng Shui Services of New England will be happy to assist you create ghouls, virtual or in-person. Contact [email protected]  for more information.  

Make your child’s bedroom a place for them to feel safe and secure. Rested happy children will make parenting a bit easier.   


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Reply [email protected]
6:05 on 27 February, 2014 
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Reply Aarne,
7:58 on 6 March, 2014 
Magnificent post. In your believing yourself into good health site.Currently that's a so cooperative issue. Thanks for letting this site which is very vital for me as well.
Reply JPR
15:47 on 16 March, 2014 
There are some great comments from this blog. Your may want to know that Robert's parents stated that immediately after the adjustments were made that he slept in his bed through the night for the first time ever!
Namaste, Julie