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[Feng Shui Services] The Feng Shui Wedding

Posted on 23 October, 2014 at 8:08

 Wedding Crashers: How to Feng Shui for Uninvited Guests  

Look out Princess Kate and Prince William, here comes Kirsten and Eric! But, unlike Kate and William, Kirsten has parents who are well versed in Feng Shui. (Eric was prescreened as a viable partner who would accept the wisdom of Feng Shui!)

Feng Shui influences were everywhere in the planning for the wedding; the date for the wedding, the choice of colors, the gifts that were chosen.  The location proved to be a surprise to everyone!  

The wedding and reception were held in Salem, Massachusetts. I was very familiar with the city of Salem, as I grew up there. Salem, Massachusetts is well known for the Witchcraft Trials of 1692.  The reception would take place at the Hawthorne Hotel, located in the heart of historic Salem. According to hotel website, “the Hawthorne Hotel has a rich history which began in 1925 and has welcomed numerous leisure travelers as well as dignitaries and celebrities. Episodes of iconic shows and a public television movie about the Salem witch trials took place at the hotel.” Hawthorne Hotel was also named by Travelocity as #4 on their list of top 10 haunted hotels in the United States!!  

Since 1925, the hotel has had many guests with their vibrations of joy and sorrow left behind. We, parents of the bride, knew we had work to do to prevent any “predecessor chi” or uninvited guests from invading the wedding. Predecessor chi is lingering energy from people who were previously in the space. According to David Kennedy, well known Feng Shui expert, predecessor influences go back through the residents…all the way to the original occupants.”  

We focused on the space for reception where many, many events were held over the years. We needed a space clearing ceremony to remove any negative energy left behind and a blessing ceremony to surround the the new couple with our love and affection. So, early the morning, before the hotel staff was awake, we gathered items for our own private clearing and blessing ceremony and quietly entered the room, closed the door and went to work. This was a very personal affair. We were doing our job as parents for the last time-protecting our daughter from harm.

Our blessing and clearing ceremony was our “gift” to Kirsten and Eric. Our intention was to ensure a festive congenial affair full of only joy and happiness. Kirsten and Eric gave us personal intentions in a red envelope which were included in the blessing ceremony. They will share their private intentions with each other on their first anniversary as part of a celebration ceremony.  

Like Kate and William's wedding, the event was EPIC! Invited guests danced, sang, and partied while the uninvited remained silent! There were no haunted happenings that evening!

A note to the Hawthorne Hotel, they should check the plants in the corner of the room which still may contain the orange peels we placed there one year ago!  


Orange peels placed in the trees located in corners of the room.The Ceremonial Altar

Julie Pelletier-Rutkowski, MS, RN
Certified Feng Shui Practitioner
Feng Shui Services of New England

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