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Feng Shui Tip to Start the New Year!

Posted on 6 January, 2014 at 16:17

Improve your luck with Feng Shui!    

Happy New Year from Feng Shui Services of New England!    

In Feng Shui the number 9 or a multiple of nine (18, 27, 36, 72, 108, and so on) is very powerful.  The number nine considered the highest number; after nine the numbers repeat. Using he power behind the number nine, Feng Shui Services of New England offers the following tip from to improve your luck in 2014.    

This year the Feng Shui inspired tip involves something we use every day, many times a day- PASSWORDS. Create passwords using a variation of the number 9. Be creative; make it a phrase that includes nine or a multiple of 9. These are some examples: Nine red doors, One o eight new opportunities, 72 hugs.    

Now boost the password by setting an intention for the carefully chosen phrase. This is done by stating, in present tense what is the desire or wish that is needed to improve your luck this year. Consider your personal wish for health, wealth, or a new relationship.  Here are a few examples, “As I type this password the power of nine is opening the door to NINE new clients,” One hundred and eight (108) is a reflection of my intention to bring 108 new opportunities into my life.” “My reward for becoming financially strong and personally independent is the hug of freedom,” or “The power of nine brings 72 daily hugs from a special relationship.” Whenever you type your password, think of your specific intention because “where intention goes, energy flows.”    

Never doubt the power of nine, and be sure to tell Feng Shui Services how your luck has improved in 2014 with your energized password! Send us an email at [email protected]    

For more Feng Shui information, become a friend of Feng Shui Services of New England by liking our Facebook page! (Our intention is 108 likes in 2014!)    

Peace, Joy and Good Feng Shui in 2014.    


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