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Feng Shui Services of New England



Our Products can be purchased through Feng Shui Services Sone directly by emailing [email protected]..

Or through ETSY. This link with take your to ETSYFSSone.

**Feng Shui (DIY) Starter Kit

$25 free shipping

Start your Feng Shui journey with this all inclusive kit. This kit comes in an organza bag and perfect for yourself or gift.

The starter kit includes NINE Feng Shui items to adjust chi:

The guidebook included helps you place the items.

*Multifaceted 20mm Swarovski crystal

*Nine inch red string

*Laminated bagua map

*Three intention cards

*Metal bell

*Flameless tea candle


*Red envelope

Sage sticks

**Some items may be slightly different than they appear in the photo.

Laminated Bagua Tool


$15 free shipping

Size 9x12 in, two- sided laminated tool for practitioners.

FRONT is traditional eight sided Bagua with Name of gua/life area, Element,Shape, Number, Family Member, Body Part, and Chi Energy and Color.

Laminated Bagua Tool


BACK is the Feng Shui Map with the nine life areas and includes objects that support and enhance the particular area or gua.

BONUS! It flips so the front door line is always at the bottom of the tool.