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Feng Shui Services of New England



Fall 2012 RISE Program (Rivier College, Nashua NH, Adult Education Program)

"Thank you for this course. It was just a taste, but very informative. I see with different eyes now. "Kathy M.

"Missing a single session was a big loss very informative and enjoyable." L. B

"I admit, I am not a believer, but I learned a great deal about Feng Shui." N.N

Dear Julie,

You were masterful yesterday and my heart was warmed by your attention to our needs and aspirations. Untold gratitude for your support! Thanks also to Karen for her expertise as well and her recommendations.

Looking forward to your report and sharing it with the other faculty.

Best, Kristen, July 2012

I'm sharing a testimonial from a workshop participant at the American Holistic Nurses Conference in Utah. It was a high altitude success (at 8,000 feet) and I could have talked forever about the benefits of having a workplace that is harmonious and supportive.

“Dawn and I agreed that your workshop was our highlight of the whole conference. This was get-it-done, easy to follow, comprehensive practical stuff. We could have listened to you for hours.”

Wendy W. RN AHNA Conference 2012

From Minuteman Community Education, February 2012, Spring Cleaning, The Feng Shui Approach

I loved this course. I am going to take all of the Feng Shui courses I was so motivated I went home and started tackling improving my home. Great, informative material, great class!

I loved the course, learned a lot and will be back for more!

Dear Julie

Iwrite this auspiciously (and coincidentally) 9 school days after you advised me on creating positive flow in my troubled inner-city classroom. Really, my first six days this year have been the best beginning of all previous years. Granted, a teacher is supposed to have an easier time each time September rolls by, but what I'm experiencing is more than just having more time spent on a job. If you remember our consultation, my "ah-hah!" moment came to me when we discussed the intense energy area around my desk (which was in line with the door and opposite window). Just talking this through with you was evidence enough for me to instantly believe in the Feng Shui philosophy; the telling of it brought up the dreaded anxiety. But moving my desk to the back of the room--the children/creativity area on the Feng Shui "map"--is proving to be psychologically/emotionally beneficial. I keep a clear walkway to this new "safe area" (desk area), and when I retreat there periodically, my students remain calm and most of them stay on-task. 

Also, FYI, other teachers have remarked on how much better my room appears. Most importantly, my troubled student is much calmer this year. Another teacher even noticed it today. Coincidence maybe, but most of the troubled kids become more challenging with each passing year. 

Thank you, Julie! I've been talking about the positive outcome with some other teachers, the open-minded ones, anyway. I hope they can utilize your expertise!

And, yes, come and take more pictures.

Peace and clarity;)

Diane, September 2011

Wonderful workshop! Helpful in my personal life. I will use what I have learned to make changes in my life.Paula September 2011

Hi Julie,

Just wanted to say thank you for helping us to totally transform our living room. Having you come to the house was the best decision. Rick and I followed your recommendations and the room has a completely different look and feel to it. The best part was that all we bought was new curtains. We just decluttered, moved the furniture and rearranged the pictures!Thank you Julie. We are thrilled with the results. D and R

Julie, I want to express delight and gratefulness for the amazing transformation we see and feel in our bedroom after you came over to observe and feel the space. The difference in the comfort we feel in our bedroom when we enter the doorway is palpable. The repositioning of the bed, the use of dark cozy curtains, the positioning of up-lights to keep the slanted ceiling from pressing down on us is unbelievable. We feel cocooned in our room now, and sleep so soundly. We had no idea what was "off" in our room until you came and reviewed the room and it's issues. It is now the haven that we wanted but never had-A big thank you!! Jeanette PS Jim swears his feet do not hurt him anymore since we changed position of the bed!!!! 3-10-2010

Dear Julie,

As you know, I was having great difficulties with my former boss. He was removed from his position and I was then given that position. Even before this, he and I had problems communicating. After the change, I felt horrible after each interaction with him and there seemed to be no end in sight. I had taken several different tactics with him. I tried changing my own behaviors and worked on making adjustments in my feelings towards him. Nothing seemed to work and I came to work every day feeling unhappy as a direct result of this situation.

After our session, things changed. First, I felt that I had a sense of being in control again at my job. I felt like I no longer had to complain about him because I decided to trust the process of the small changes I made in my house. As you suggested, I removed the object which was in the career section of my house. This particular object was taking away my own power, which had to do with my work situation. As we discussed, I had been giving my power away to him. By the end of the third month, he was fired. This was a complete shock to me as it was to just about everyone else in our agency. My intention was not to have the man fired, but I can’t help but feel relieved. I now come to work every day and thoroughly enjoy my job and have made some enormous positive changes in my department since then. Kristine 3/2010

Thank you again and I’ll be calling on you the next time I am stuck.

Our business wasn’t doing well and we moved our money room but we also purchased cabinets from a failed business. He saged them and it was like…not even a full 24 hours we got some business. Maybe a coincidence but I think not. Too many coincidences. Cathy S. 2010

“Using the basic principles of Feng Shui I changed my whole perceptive on how I view my living space. Living in a small tightly cramped one-bedroom apartment in South Boston I questioned what can really be done to change the energy of the place? Julie helped me in identifying the nine key areas in my apartment on the Bagua map and guided me in enhancing the areas in my life that were in a bit of distress at the time.

One specific area was my career. Having been at my first professional job for a year my career was not going exactly planned. I longed to get back to my initial goal of working on a college campus in a Student Services office making more money.

When Julie pointed out where my career area was in my apartment, I was not shocked to found out it was located where a disorganized closet was with skis, suitcases, coats, cleaning supplies, Christmas decorations and any miscellaneously item that did not have a place. The closet completely projected what was going on in my professional life-Chaos!

Not being able to move the closet, I took Julie’s advice in pulling everything out, re-organizing, getting rid of anything that was not useful, and cleansing the area. I then placed all of my books on Student Services and applied other simple Feng Shui principles to the area (like putting the name of the position I desired in this space). Within two weeks I had three interviews and within a month a new job within the Student Services field that was a better position and paid more

I believe that with Julie’s help in enhancing that area of my home I was able to visualize a better position and create a positive/flowing energy for my career path.

One thing I absolutely enjoyed was the way Julie presented Feng Shui. Her advice was simple and realistic, which was much appreciated for my small apartment with very little to work with. I continue to take Julie’s advice on Feng Shui to enhance my space and every week reevaluate what is working and not working in my life.

Thanks Julie to introducing me to Feng Shui! It has truly helped me take back control of the things in my life that at one time felt unmanageable." Courtney H. 2010


Thanks for the great consultation earlier this season. I have

felt energetically liberated since then. Just knowing that that certain parts of my physical living space pertain to areas of my life makes so much sense! I have made several changes to my studio since our talk and where I have made the changes I can feel areas of my life aligning with what I have done. I am still gearing up for some of the bigger changes and since the smaller changes have worked I am feeling confident and excited about making some of the bigger furniture and object rearrangements.

I am also reading a great book on Feng-Shui which I'm finding really interesting. I would certainly recommend you and your services to anyone looking for Feng Shui help help!

 -Scott C. 6/2010

"Thanks for the presentation on Entry Ways and Door Ways."

"It was excellent. Loved the spcace, wine and cheese."

"When is the next presentation, I can't wait."

"Excellent workshop Julie" "Now I understand all my issues-(lol) maybe!!"

"Awesome presentation"

Attendees Evaluations 1/30/2011

...she is an RN who has a Feng Shui business and truly is a feng shui intuitive. I attended one of her workshops and she helped me with [my] home. She is amazing. Debora M.

Entryway and Door way 1/2011

"Very well done! This was my first Feng Shui workshop and I learned alot!"

"Excellent presentation of quality information....good for a novice like me!"